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Let me introduce myself ...


This site is a work in progress - most likely, it always will be. I plan to add new material on a regular basis. For a while in the beginning, it may seem rather incomplete and unbalanced, but as time goes by, I hope to make it a valuable source of information on photography, drawing on my own experience and that of others. 


My objectives are to share some of my photos and some of the things I have learned about photography. If you feel like commenting, please use this Feedback link here, or at the top of any page. 


My background: I received a Brownie box camera as a gift from my parents when I was about 12, some 50 years ago. A few years later, I inherited my grandfather's 1936 Rolleiflex, and while I was at university in the sixties, I saved £16 and bought myself a 1931 Leica 1c. That was the first model with a standard Leica screw-mount interchangeable lens, although I only ever had the standard 50mm f/3.5 uncoated Elmar for it. My first new camera was a Canon Pellix SLR, which I bought after starting work in 1966. I have been keen on photography ever since, although pressure of business has sometimes caused interruptions. I am an amateur photographer, because I never made my living from photography, nor ever tried to. Now I am partially retired, however, and undertake photo assignments sporadically on a professional, but part-time basis. 


The galleries on this site are of two sorts: the public galleries are available for anyone to view. Hopefully you will find something interesting in there. The private galleries are restricted (by password) to clients and personal subjects. You can find all the galleries from the Home page


My photo notes cover several topics that may be of interest to other photographers. Some of them are quite basic, and some are rather advanced. I have tried, however, to always make them readable, so I may occasionally have sacrificed a measure of scientific precision. As ever, feel free to send me feedback


On the links pages (coming soon), which you can access from the Home page, you will find the internet addresses of many other photography sites I have found interesting or useful over recent years. If you find any dead links, please let me know. 


If there is anything else you would like to see on this site, please drop me a line ... 


With best wishes, 


John Lloyd 



All text and images on this site are Copyright ©


2006 John P. Lloyd