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What's New

27/11/06: Removed the private gallery "UK Xmas 2005". Also added a few items to the glossary.

I am going to be away over Christmas and the New Year, so there will be no more new stuff added to the site until at least the middle of January. Email enquiries will still reach me, but replies may take a little longer than usual during this period.

With best wishes to all our friends for a Very Merry  Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

22/11/06: Removed some of the old Embu galleries and edited some of the "selects" and "maybes". You can access all these public galleries from the Home Page.

20/11/06: Created the private gallery "Lunch 15 Nov". You can access it from the Home Page.

02/11/06: Created the private gallery "Jantar AT Su".

24/10/06: Created the private gallery "Park Walk".

23/10/06: Created the public gallery "Embu RF1" containing more shots of Embu. These were taken with a rangefinder camera, and some of them may eventually be "promoted" to one of the "Embu Selects" or "Embu Maybes" galleries. Your suggestions are always welcome!

21/10/06: Added three interior shots of the OCA building to the "Ibirapuera" gallery.

15/10/06: Created the private gallery "Lunch MP".

13/10/06: Created the private gallery "Jantar ATT".

12/10/06: Removed the private gallery "Rosa jornal".

08/10/06: Created the private gallery "Jantar AW". 

08/10/06: Created the private gallery "Wedding CE". Selected shots taken on 35mm film without flash. Once again, I was just a guest at this event, not the official photographer, so I tried to make pictures that would complement those taken by the pros with their DSLRs and flash.

01/10/06: Created the private gallery "Wedding AEH". These images not yet edited. Gallery includes all shots taken, not just selected photos. This includes a few that missed the moment, are out of focus or badly exposed. I was just a guest at this event, not the official photographer, so I just took these snaps with a digicam, without flash, in an attempt to complement the pros' shots taken with DSLRs and flash..

23/09/06: Created two new public galleries: "Embu Selects" and "Embu Maybes". In these galleries I will be placing the 'selects' and 'maybe selects' for my Embu project. The selection is not final, and I still intend to take many more photos for this project. The selected photos have been moved out of the other Embu galleries. If there are any photos still remaining in these galleries that you think deserve 'promotion', please feel free to let me know. On the other hand, if there are any photos in the new galleries that you think should be excluded, I'd also like to know.

16/09/06: Edited and uploaded PhotoNotes "Autofocus".

14/09/06: Prepared and uploaded private gallery "Rosa jornal". These images are not final, but they are already a lot better than the originals. Further editing and restoration work still required.

14/09/06: Prepared and uploaded private gallery "Southport 706".

13/09/06: Prepared and uploaded private gallery "London 606".

11/09/06: Five years since 9/11. Fixed some minor problems in various pages.

09/09/06: Edited and uploaded PhotoNotes "Perspective".

08/09/06: Prepared and uploaded public gallery "Ibirapuera".

01/09/06: Actually, everything is new. 

Today we opened the site to general access. Of course, not everything is ready yet. We only have a few galleries loaded, and only about 10% of the "Notes pages". We'll be adding material in both these areas whenever we have a few spare moments. The galleries can be accessed from the home page. Sales are still under construction, but you can contact us by email for any enquiries. Check "This site" for an overview, and ...

Welcome to jlloydphoto.com !!!

01/09/06: Revised PhotoNotes and other pages, prepared this page.

31/08/06: Prepared and uploaded public gallery "Embu 060503".

30/08/06: Prepared and uploaded public gallery "Embu 060405".

29/08/06: Uploaded private gallery "S62". Prepared and uploaded public galleries "Embu 060302" and "Embu 060306".

28/08/06: Prepared private gallery "S62".

26/08/06: Most of the site now ready and functioning, including a couple of provisional galleries and a few notes pages.